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Huckleberry Gems

Lucky Charm Kit for Interchangeable House

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Delve into the world of creative craftsmanship with Huckleberry Gems' DIY Decorative Craft Kit. This kit is designed with the discerning craft enthusiast in mind, providing a delightful opportunity to showcase your unique style and creativity.

Whether you're hosting a paint party or looking to impress your friends with your DIY skills, this kit serves as your perfect crafting companion. It's also a sought-after resource for small crafting businesses seeking premium, easy-to-use crafting supplies.

Our DIY kit offers an array of individually wrapped, machine-cut, wooden pieces that include our exclusive 'sticky backs' – adhesive backings that ensure a fast, mess-free crafting experience, taking away the need for messy glues.

What's more, each wrapped piece comes with it's own colored label for painting inspiration, so you can paint at your own pace without the need to complete the entire kit at once.

With a variety of themes to cater to every season, holiday, or special occasion, you can infuse your personal touch into every corner of your home decor. Huckleberry Gems is committed to fostering your love for crafting by providing unique, stylish, easy-to-assemble, and mess-free decor solutions.

Please note that these items are intended for decorative use and are not designed as toys. So get ready to express your creativity with our adhesive-backed DIY kits, and transform every home decor project into a simple, satisfying, and inspiring endeavor. Your home will be a testament not just to your creative talent, but also to your preference for high-quality, unique, and hassle-free crafting supplies."

Kit Includes:

  • 5.5" Lucky Charm Sign
  • 3.5" Window
  • 1" Door hanger
  • 2.5" Pot of gold
  • 4" Candy Jar

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Teresa Hulick
Lucky Charm Kit

Absolutely love the little house and all the interchangeable kits for different holidays. Quality wood pieces and being able to peel off the back and stick them together is genius! No more super glued fingers! Will definitely be ordering more!

Chris Wegner
Love it, but it needs some slight modifications

I love the interchangeable house! It’s very cute and we need more options for it. However the design needs to be tweaked a bit. The sign at the top is designed to be held on with only one Velcro button in the center, but that causes the sign to wobble. Two buttons, one at about 1/4 and the other at 3/4 works much better. Also, if the house is put together the way the picture shows it, with the window sill above the bottom of the window frame (to prevent the window from falling), the window will not install properly once the cake and drink are attached to the window. I had to not use the cake stand, lower the clover on the cupcake, and I had to cut the straw off of the drink in order to get the window installed. I had the same problem with the Valentine window as well.