About Us

Think back to those laid-back, sunny afternoons at home, where the kitchen table was turned into a crafting studio. That's where my journey kicked off. Sitting there, with my mom and bama, I wasn't just learning how to thread a needle or sewing fabric; I was diving headfirst into the world of creation. It was more than just sewing a pillow case or dress for church; it felt like I was being let in on the ultimate secret: creating something from scratch. That was the start of a full-blown love affair with all things crafty, opening the door to a universe where I could make, mess up, and make again.

Huckleberry Gems started from something simple: my love for creation and convincing my friends they had hidden talents waiting to burst out. It was just for kicks at first—local gatherings where laughter was the soundtrack, and paint splatters were badges of honor. But, why limit the fun? The world was just a click away, and I figured, let's spread this joy like wildfire and let others experience how crafting makes us feel.

If you've landed here, I bet you get it. Crafting is more than just glue sticks and glitter. It's about the mess that turns into a masterpiece, the stories behind every stroke of the brush, and the community we build from shared mess-ups and triumphs. At Huckleberry Gems, we're about capturing that childhood magic where every creation was a masterpiece and every spill a part of the process.

So, thanks for joining me on this ride. Together, let's dive into projects, share our oh-no moments, and create not just crafts, but connections. Because in this community, every one of us is an artist, ready to make our mark (and maybe a little mess along the way).

Stay Crafty,