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Huckleberry Gems

Blooming Gnomes wood tags

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Ready to take your Blooming Gnome project from ordinary to extraordinary? Meet our premium Etched MDF Wood Blanks—your ultimate crafting companion for achieving stunning, professional-quality designs with ease.

Precision Etching: Our state-of-the-art etching technique ensures every design detail is flawlessly transferred onto each wood blank, eliminating the need for tedious tracing or stenciling.

High-Quality MDF Wood: Crafted from high quality MDF, these blanks offer a smooth, sturdy surface that's perfect for painting and embellishing.

Perfectly Sized: Each blank is meticulously cut to the ideal dimensions for your Blooming Gnome, ensuring a flawless fit every time.

Ready-to-Paint: With the design already etched onto the surface, you can dive straight into the painting process without any prep work. Just grab your favorite paints and brushes and let your creativity flow!

Time-Saving Convenience: Forget the hassle of finding the right medium or struggling with intricate design tracing. Our etched wood blanks allow you to jump straight to the fun part—personalizing your mugs!

Customer Reviews

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Alexis D Hull
Cute as a button

They may never leave me. originally, I was going to use as gift tag, but maybe not. However, I can't find instructions to paint them. That would be greatly appreciated.

Sandra Lawrence
Blooming Gnomes

They will be great gifts.
Thank you